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Academic UIL Participation—Why?


There are many reasons to encourage our children to participate in Academic UIL competitions. 


Through UIL contestants learn: 

   The importance of hard work.   UIL helps students set goals and work to achieve those goals.  It helps students learn that they can accomplish goals through hard work and discipline.

    Poise, self-control, self-discipline, and confidence. As students compete and win, they gain a legitimate sense of self-worth that encourages them to achieve in all areas of study.  They gain a sense of pride in their contribution to their school.

    The importance of teamwork.  Students must learn to manage their time well.  They develop a sense of responsibility to their teammates.  Everyone must work together to compete.

    That winning is more than placing first.  Healthy competition teaches students the value of effort regardless of the outcome.  It is important to try because knowledge is gained in so many ways. 

    Academic UIL competitions have proven been proven to enhance classroom learning and improve standardized test scores.  The contests reflect every portion of the basic curriculum.  Contestants develop self-esteem.  Contests challenge under-achieving students.  Contests teach important life lessons, and help children learn the importance of hard work.  

That learning is an endless and thrilling journey!  Please encourage your child to participate.







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