AISD Chain of Command

Alto ISD Organizational Chart 2022-2023


Alto ISD values open and direct communication with parents. Parents are encouraged to address their questions or concerns to the person or office most directly involved in the matter's resolution. When subsequent conversation is required, the customary "chain of command" should be followed (e.g. teacher to principal to appropriate central office administrator to Board of Trustees). Those involved in addressing matters that are raised are committed to responding in an appropriate and timely manner. Although there may be specific matters which would be addressed in a manner other than is prescribed below, parental and community inquiries should generally be directed as follows:

A child's teacher should be the initial point of contact when parents/guardians have a question or concern about specific issues such as student progress, grade level or subject area curriculum, classroom practices or expectations, the instructional program, student assessment, student discipline or other matters related to classroom activities or organization.

The school principal would be the appropriate person to contact initially when a question or concern exists relative to school rules or regulations, student placement practices, student registration, parent participation and involvement, student records, special programs and related student services, building goals, other matters related to school-wide activities or organization or any building-specific issues.

A child's coach should be the initial point of contact when parents/guardians have a question or concern about specific issues such as participation, team rules, schedule conflicts or other matters related directly to the sport or team. If parents have athletic questions or concerns that cannot be answered by a coach, the next point of contact would be the District's Athletic Director, 936-858-7114.

The Transportation Department (Transportation Director, 936-858-7104) should be contacted for questions about District transportation services.

The Food Service Office (Food Service Director, 936-858-7126) should be contacted for any questions related to our school lunch program or other food service matters.

The Maintenance Office (Maintenance Director, 936-858-7104) should be contacted for questions about buildings and grounds, operations and facilities.

The Director of Curriculum and Instructional Programs (936-858-7141) should be contacted when parents have questions about 504, Dyslexia, TEKS, instructional practices or curriculum issues that cannot be resolved at the building level.

The Director of Accountability and Special Programs (936-858-7115) should be contacted when parents have questions about GT, RTI, Accountability, or TELPAS, STAAR testing issues that cannot be resolved at the building level.

The Office of Special Education (Special Education Director, 903-683-4466) will answer all questions related to special education services.

The Office of the Business Manager (936-858-7102) should be the initial point of contact with questions related to District finances, purchasing practices or other matters related to budget, finance or general operations.

The Technology Director (936-858-7199) can respond to questions or inquiries related to the District's technology program.

The Office of the Superintendent (936-858-7101) should be contacted initially to report any criminal activity within the District or when questions or concerns exist relative to District policies or procedures and their application, general District questions or concerns, Board of Trustee meetings and agendas, media and press information, or other matters related to District operations which are not identified within the general role descriptions delineated above.

The Alto ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent are committed to maintaining public trust and the financial integrity of the District. The District prohibits fraud and financial impropriety. Any person who suspects fraud or financial impropriety in the District shall report the suspicions immediately to any supervisor, the Superintendent or designee, the Board President, or local law enforcement.


Teachers – report to the Principal and handle planning, organizing, and delivering instruction to students on a daily basis. They are responsible for writing lesson plans, classroom discipline management and for keeping individual records of student progress.

Counselor – reports to the Principal and aids students in solving their problems and in making adjustments to various situations they meet. They are also responsible for administration and interpretation of tests, teaching a wellness program, instructing in career choices, and staff morale.

Athletic Director – reports to the Superintendent and handles athletic scheduling, organizing teams and coaches, and conducting all athletics in Alto ISD.

Principal – reports to the Superintendent and handles matters pertaining to instruction, teaching materials, schedule planning and construction, program design, curriculum, personnel, student discipline, textbooks, and extra-curricular activities.

Superintendent – retains the responsibility and authority for all aspects of the Alto ISD programs.