Alto ISD Counselors


Dimitri Starovic

Alto High School Counselor



Krystin Lucas

Alto Elementary and Middle School Counselor


Alto ISD's Counseling Program is a comprehensive, developmental, results-based school counseling program that aligns with the state's model. Professional school counselors are available on all Alto ISD's campuses to provide services for all of our students in the following areas:

Guidance Curriculum - to help students develop their full educational potential; 

Responsive Services - to intervene on behalf of any student whose immediate personal concerns or problems put the student’s continued educational, career, personal, or social development at risk;

Individual Planning - to help students plan, monitor, and manage their own educational, career, personal, and social development; 

System Support - to support the efforts of teachers, staff, parents, and other members of the system in promoting the educational, career, personal, and social development of students.

Each of our counselors is available to personally assist students in preparing and achieving post-secondary readiness.