The library is open and ready for readers!  This year each grade level and age group will focus on a new reading list from the Texas Library Association.  In Pre K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades students will hear books from the 2X2 reading list. Students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades will read, listen to and explore the Texas Bluebonnet Reading program in which 200,000 students from all over the state of Texas participate.   

For our 7&8 grade students we have 20 new Lone Star Books, which provide a variety of fiction and non fiction titles to choose from.  Students from the High School can visit the library to find titles from the Taysha reading list. 

The library hopes to see all our students soon! We wish everyone a great year of reading and learning!

Library Information

AISD Library Vision / Mission


The Alto ISD Library Media Program seeks to create a 21st century environment that promotes learning for all students by providing equitable access to information, teaching information literacy skills, and encouraging lifelong learning.  The library media center strives to be a center of collaborative learning that produces creative students who have an appreciation of literature, critical thinking skills, and respect for others and self.

Alto Elementary School

Bluebonnet Books 2018

Alto Middle School

Bluebonnet Books 2018

Alto High School

AISD Library Damage Policy

Alto ISD 


1. If a book is lost while checked out to a student or school employee, the book is to be paid for(at replacement cost) by the student, employee, or parent.

2. If a book, that is checked out to a student, or school employee, is damaged, the book is to be paid for in full (if no longer useable), or partially(depending on severity of damage).  Damage considerations include the following:

Water Damage/or other liquids

Torn Pages

Food Stains

Damage to spine of book

Damage to cover of book

Lost bar code or spine label

3. If the student does not pay for the lost book, or damages to the book, the student will not be allowed to check books from the library until damages are paid in full.  Fine will remain on student's name until time of graduation, if not taken care of.

2019 Bluebonnet Books