Earning Credits for Graduation

Students are classified according to the number of credits they have earned. Required classification credits are listed below.






0-5.5 Credits



6-11 Credits



12-17.5 Credits



18+ Credits



22 Credits – Foundation Plan



26 Credits – Foundation Plan + Endorsement(s)



26 Credits – Foundation Plan + Endorsement(s) + Distinguished Plan

Reclassifications are made at mid-year in January and at year-end in June. Determinations are made by the counselor and principal.

Retrieving Credit for Prior Instruction – Credit By Exam

A student who has failed a course may take credit by examination to regain credit. A grade of 70 or higher is required to regain credit for the course in which the exam was attempted. A student must have attempted the course for which the exam is being taken in the semester immediately prior to taking the CBE.

Earning Credit without Prior Instruction – Credit By Exam

  • Student cannot take an exam for credit in a course in which they are currently enrolled.
  • Student cannot take an exam for credit out of sequence, all prerequisites must be satisfied.
  • Student must have written approval from their parent/guardian and a recommendation letter from their teacher before they will be allowed to register for a CBE.
  • Students must score 80% or better on the CBE to be awarded credit.
  • CBE exam score will be used for ranking and GPA purposes for the course in which the exam is taken and substituted for.

Alto High School and Alto ISD will administer Credit By Exams 4 times per year, once in December and once in March. As a member of Region 7 ESC, Alto ISD will offer credit by exam testing opportunities in June and July through their network.

Students must see their counselor for specific yearly dates.

Students wishing to take a CBE must notify their counselor by October 1 for the December test date, and April 1 for the June test date.

Alto ISD also contracts with Region VII Educational Service Center in Kilgore for additional opportunities to test.

Credit By Exam is a fee based program. Fees are borne by the student/student’s family.

Retrieving Credit for Prior Instruction – Learning Recovery

Alto High School provides credit recovery for students who wish to recover credits for graduation. On-campus credit recovery utilizes the OdysseyWare Online educational program. It is a full curriculum program.  All courses required in the Foundation Program are offered via the OdysseyWare program.

Earning Additional Credits

  • Correspondence courses must be taken within the district’s guidelines. Alto ISD accepts correspondence courses from The University of Texas and Texas Tech University.
  • College dual credit - Alto High School offers dual credit courses to students who meet college readiness and enrollment standards and have approval from the counselor and principal.