Translation Services

Alto ISD offers Spanish language translation through the district translators.  Spanish is the most common language in our district after English. With the population of Hispanic students in our school district increasing exponentially year after year, the need to communicate with our parents becomes more and more self-evident. We all know how valuable the involvement of parents and community leaders can be in our schools. When our students see their parents interested in coming to school, helping with PTO activities, asking how they are doing academically, it helps them to see the importance of their education. Communication is an important key to parental involvement.

Our district is committed to assisting parents in all areas of communication.  The following options are available but not limited to:

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Alert-Now Communication
  • District Website Translation
  • Registration Paperwork
  • Home Language Survey
  • School / Parent Compact
  • Newsletters
  • Translator available for parent meetings / ARD meetings / 504 meetings / etc.
  • Home Visits

Sandy Pierce is our District Translator. With many years of translation experience, she brought her expertise to our district six years ago. She is housed on the elementary campus where she works full-time, during the school year translating documents from English to Spanish and assisting students.

Translation Services:

Required Documents as well as documents that have a direct impact on media and communication issues will be translated. Ms. Pierce has experience working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and will do her best to return the translations to you in the format you require. Please send the original English (and Spanish, if available) document in the finished format for printing, and the translation will be incorporated directly into your formatting.

The Request Process for District Translations:

District Translation request form-English

district translation request form-spanish