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CTE Opportunities

Career and Technical Education (CTE) bridges the gap between high school and postsecondary plans. CTE programs include career skills training that helps students become ready for college or work. CTE curriculum focuses students on academic, employability, and technical skills used in a specific occupation. Opportunities are available for students at the middle school and high school levels.

Alto ISD offers career and technology programs in the fields of Animal Science, Applied Agricultural Engineering, Digital Communications, Teaching and Training, Healthcare Therapeutic.  Admission to these programs is based on interest, aptitude, age appropriateness, class space availability, and prerequisites.

The goal of the Career and Technical Education Program is to ensure that students graduate prepared for their next step in post high school education or with the skills needed for employment in their areas of study.

Alto ISD Programs of Study


CTE Mission Statement: 

Our goal is to empower all CTE students to confidently and successfully transition into postsecondary and career opportunities and become contributing members of society.


CTE Vision Statement:

Alto ISD Career and Technical Education collaborates with and supports teachers across all disciplines, so that students have the opportunity to make meaning of their learning in all areas through connections to industry. We provide industry-recognized opportunities for students which validate tangible skills that students may use to enter industry and/or postsecondary education.